Bastrop Trip Map and Info
by Jenny Rasmussen
Date: July 5, 1999
Total trip time: 5:40am to 7:30pm
What I brought:  Sandwiches, 3 plums, strawberries, gatorade, bug lotion with DEET, bug sock covers, tennis shoes, shorts, swimming suit, goggles, towel, cloth bag, binoculars, camera and 4 rolls film, map (Texas Atlas and Gazetteer), The Birds of Texas (by John L. Tveten), and my pillow which really helped my back when I was driving.
Other info:  McMuffin at McDonalds for breakfast (I think in Taylor?) and then on the way back I stopped at Dairy Queen for a chili dog.  This was a GREAT day.  I got my pictures developed at Walgreens on 79 when I got back to Round Rock.

Below is a map of the route I took for my trip to the State Parks.  I started out in Round Rock and went through Taylor (left upper side of map), then headed south to Bastrop and looped around.