Mustang Island State Park
Photos and text by Jenny Rasmussen, copyright 1999

Heron Standing
The Great Blue Heron is a tall and majestic bird.

Great Blue Heron searching for food
This Great Blue Heron is looking for fish pretty diligently now!

Heron eating Fish
Ahhhh!  Got one!

Full of fish and going home!
Heron Flying
For a few more heron pictures, click here.

Snowy Egret

This is a Snowy Egret.  The Snowy Egret has a black beak, black legs, and bright yellow feet.
Snowy Egret looking for fish
Looking for some fish!  See the bright yellow feet!

Snowy Egret walking  Gotta run!  See you on my next trip!

Some other birds I saw that I didn't get good pictures of:

Sandwich Tern
Inca Dove
Great Egret
Black Skimmer- It's so cool to watch this bird with its bright orange beak (white front of body, black back of body) flying only inches above the water with its beak wide open looking for fish.  I saw one doing this for awhile at dusk when I stopped at some shallow still water along Mustang Island.
Purple Gallinule - This was my most amazing sighting!  I was driving down to Padre Island and there was some really tall grass (marshy area).  I decided to stop the car along the side of the road because I wondered what types of birds might live there.  Low and behold!, I saw the most unusual bird I'd ever seen.  It had a bright red beak (up to its eyes) and yellow tip on the beak.  The head and body were shiny dark purple and brownish, and the forehead was a very light blue color.  Its legs and feet were really thick and big compared to the bird's size, and they were bright yellow.

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