Port Aransas Beach
Photos and text by Jenny Rasmussen, copyright 1999

This was my favorite beach. 
To get there, after crossing on the free Ferry in your car, follow Cotter Avenue out past the UT Marine Science Institute.  There is a Jetty extending out into the water that you can walk out on to get a closer look at the birds.  I spent most of the day Boogie Boarding here with the Pelicans dive bombing directly over my head.  It was fun to watch, and also fun to watch them eating the fish they'd catch.
The Pelican flying overhead reminds me of a dinasour.  The other one is dive bombing for fish again.  Right before they hit the water, they rotate their bodies 180 degrees and fold their wings in.  It's really neat to watch.
Laughing Gulls
These are Laughing Gulls.  They're everywhere on the beach and people usually feed them.  The black head is their summer plumage.
These are Least Terns.  The female just sat there on the beach and the male would come back every now and then.  They're really tiny and also dive into the water for fish, similar to the pelicans.
Least Tern

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