Purple Martin Nest Check April 28, 2001

     This is my first purple martin house.  It is a Coates aluminum house with modified 6"x12" compartments and excluder door plates.  There is one nest and the male is an adult male.  The female built a nice mud dam mid-way in the compartment and then built the nest at the back, with the male adding leaves.  They go to bed every night between 8 and 8:15pm.  I think they take a bath in the late afternoon/evening in the lake nearby, because they look sort of wet and preen a lot at that time of day. 

Note excluder door entrance in picture below.
(Rear wall/door opens for nest check)


Close-up of the eggs.  The first egg was laid on Sunday, April 22nd, 2001.
One egg was laid each day, and now they are going to be incubated for about
15 days before they'll hatch.  To see what they'll look like when they hatch, visit:


Female sitting in front of door after a period of incubating.


Male on top of house (nest is lower left excluder entrance).


Male peering down at me taking his picture.


Update 5/11/01  The babies were born today we think!
Click here for the baby pictures.