Bird Art Links
Photographer and Artist!

Art Posters of Nature
Poster art of birds and flowers made from original art.

Catalina Classics- Custom Catalina Bird Murals
Decorative Tile studio and factory creating Reproductions of Celebrated Catalina Styles,
Adaptations of Classic Catalina designs, and Innovative Contemporary Installations.

Wildlife Art -
The most beautiful places on Earth can be viewed from the galleries
of Carol Newbury Howe.  From wildlife art to bronze sculptures we have the
art that will melt your heart and free your mind.

Visit Birdhouse Crafts by Mary Rose!

Jewels of the Sky
paintings of hummingbirds, owls, butterflies

beautiful paintings and by Joan Pain
prints and other bird gifts available

Manisha Padhye Bird/Wildlife Gallery

It's Up in the Air
Mugs, Totes, Tees and many more gift items including Custom Stained Glass.
Featuring Pet Bird Portraits by watercolor artist Dawn Steirer-Scherer

Dakota Ridge Unlimited has wildlife prints by various artists

Original Watercolor Art by
Belinda Abendschein
ruby-throated hummingbird

Charcoals by Chet: mallard, loon, bald eagle
(other nice subjects too like animals and famous people)

Judy's Cards: cute photos of birds, butterflies, and more

Wildlife t-shirts, mugs, and artwork

Bernard Scott

Luis M. Cuaresma
spanish wildlife artist specialized in raptors and other birds

Bird Painter - Wildlife Art

J.D.White Original Fine Art

Tropical Bird Prints
by Carole Niclasse

Wildlife & Nature Art
by Karen, Rebecca, & Bonnie  Latham

Avian Art by Chip Davenport
Many wonderful birds here!  Some painted, some graphite, etc.'s_bird_art.htm

Cays Art
chickadee, black swan, crow
(open edition prints $9.50 to $18.50, notecards $2.50 each)

Blaine Billman
hummingbird, ducks, geese, bald eagle
I've bought a hummingbird print from him
and I really love it!  The detail is amazing.
(prints vary in price, $35 to $75 typ.)

Wildlife and Nature Art in Watercolor
 parrots, toucan
Wildlife and Nature Art in Pen and Ink
chickadee, blue jay, pintail duck, eagle

Sunny Daniels Twin Mountain Studio
hummingbirds, "birds on a clothesline" series
(prints start at $16, up to $60 framed and matted)

Virginia Cooper's Custom Painted Rock Slices

Visit the site of two new wildlife artists:
Richard Miles and Nick Derry

Cynthia Fernell Parsons
hummingbirds, quail, roadrunner
(large prints available $35-$75)

Deb Collins - Watercolor Artist
(small and large prints ranging from $7.50 to $30.00)

LeBlanc T's Birding Web Page
has some of LeBlanc T's Paintings and also a nice report on the
artist Louis Agassiz Fuertes.

Blue Jay
Art Via Susan Bird Page
bluejay, cardinal, hummingbird
(large prints $14.95)

White-faced Cockatiel
Bird Artwork by Kathy
cockatiels, lovebirds, macaws
($35 prints 9"x12", and some originals available)
Also...Airbrushed pet portraits painted on shirts or stretched canvas
using the customer's photo as reference.

Sosa Art Gallery
raptors and other birds

Wes and Rachelle Siegrist Wildlife Art Originals
mostly originals, some prints available

Art of Thomas Pearrow
swallow-tailed kite, jays, great blue heron, belted kingfisher, barn swallow, bald eagle
(prints and originals, approx $150-$400)

Water, Earth & Sky online art gallery
Birds of Prey
Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Bald Eagle, American Kestrel,
Red-tailed Hawk, Snowy Owl, Great Horned Owl
(prints typ. $150-$250 / some originals available)

Birds of a Feather Art Gallery
Stellar's Jay, Common Loon, puffin
(prints $80, artist proofs $115)

Lake Isle Productions Gallery Tour
Baltimore Oriole, Red-winged Blackbird, Snowy Egret, Whooping Crane,
Blackcapped Chickadee, Robin, Mourning Dove, Mute Swan, Eastern Bluebird,
Semipalmated Plover, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Bufflehead Duck
(prints start at $35, to $189 when signed and framed)

Watson's Wildlife Art Gallery
great blue heron, egrets, ducks, brown pelicans, puffins, plovers
macaws, barn owl, ducks
bluebirds, owls, ducks, ospreys

Alora's Handpainted Tile Murals

Dy's Art Tiles
cockatoo, crane, jay, macaw, owl

The Otter Side
bird gifts, photographic prints

Mad Run Studios
parakeets, cockatiels
(prints $15 to $185, range of size and matting/framing options)

Birds by Donalee
budgie, macaw, parrot

Baltimore Orioles
by Jim Daviner

Eric Peake Avian Art
macaws, cockatoos, parrots, amazons, budgerigars

macaw, cockatiel, parakeet, finches, lovebirds

Animal Den: Birds
mugs, etc.

Hummingbird World
t-shirts, jewelry, feeders, videos, magnets, etc.

Hummingbird Figurines

Garden Ornaments of Steel with a Rusty Luster
Created by Dexter Covington
heron, hummingbird

A Touch of Decorating
hummingbird, garden birds

Los Gatos Company
Whimsical Wire Legged Birds
(many artists featured)

Gallery of Nature Paintings
by Frank de Matteis
(prints $55 to $190)

Michael O'Clery
is an Irish bird and wildlife artist

Taiwan Bird Gallery
White-eared Sibia, Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler, White-rumped Munia,
 Bamboo Partridge, Scarlet Minivet, Brown Shrike,
 Viola formosana, Youngia japonica, Parnassia palustris

F.B.Magpie Birds Art Gallery

Arthur Morris - Photography
Birds as Art

iBAND clip art mega site
Free Bird Clipart

Collection of Bird Stamps Displayed

For a long list of Birding related links, visit

One of my favorite bird pages is the
North American Bird Sounds page
I could spend hours (well, maybe not that long)
listening to all the bird sounds on this page.

Birding Tours

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