Birdwatching trip reports and pictures:

Pictures from High Island, Texas trip in May 2000

February 6, 2000 birdwatching
trip to Granger Lake, Texas (north of Taylor)

January 29, 2000 trip to Sedona, Arizona

January 15, 2000 trip to Hornsby Bend (Austin, Texas)

July 17, 1999 trip to Port Aransas (near Corpus Christi, Texas)

Meadow Lake (Round Rock, Texas)
w/ Bird Reports updated frequently

My July 5th trip to some of the Texas State Parks near Austin, Texas.

Official Guide to Texas State Parks
        This is a great book for anyone wanting to explore the Texas State Parks, or you can read all about the state parks at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.  For information on Trails in Texas, visit this site. You can also get Free Topo Maps.   If you live in Texas and enjoy watching wildlife, you may want to sign up as a Texas Nature Tracker.
The Birds of Texas
This is my favorite birding book for Texas!
It has large close-up photographs so you can really tell if you've found the right bird.

North American Bird Sounds
This is one of my favorite sites because there are tons of bird sounds you can listen to for free.

I adopted some injured birds at the Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary with money I earned from selling my cross stitch patterns. One of the birds I adopted this month is a female Sora named "Sunshine".  She was brought to the Sanctuary with a wing injury from a fish hook.  The wing was treated but did not heal properly so she can no longer survive in the wild, and she is now a permanent resident at the Sanctuary.  Another one of the birds is a killdeer named "Bright Eyes" who was brought to the Sanctuary due to a wing injury.  I have pictures of them that I'd like to put up on my web site, but my scanner is broken so I'll put them up as soon as I buy a new scanner.

I am a proud member of the following birding organizations:
National Bird-Feeding Society
Audubon Society
Pelican Man's Bird Sanctuary
Hummingbird Society
Southern Arizona Birding Organization

© 2000 Jenny Rasmussen.

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