Granger Lake
Birdwatching Trip February 6, 2000


The first birds I saw when I got to the lake were the White Pelicans pictured here.  I had never seen them before, so it was really neat to watch them fly in a big flock.  The bird in the upper left on the picture below was doing some sort of aerial stunt. 


I'm not sure what this bird was (tern?).

I'm not sure about this one either.

Double-crested Cormorant


This was a neat old bridge on Comanche Trail at Taylor Park.  There were many different birds visible from the bridge when I was there, probably because of the small stream beneath the bridge.  I even saw some birds I'd never seen before!  It was the best site I found for birdwatching at Granger Lake.

ByeBye Pretty Cardinal

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Small group of Cedar Waxwings


Here are pictures of some birds I saw on the way to the lake:

Can anyone help me with what kind of hawk this is?

Loggerhead Shrike:

American Kestrel:

Click here for pictures of the "bird storm" I saw on the way to the lake

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