Free pattern Copyright 2002 by Jenny Rasmussen (for non-commercial use only)
Adjust printing size using image software or copy machine so that head to toe measurement of bunny is approx 8 inches.  Please use organic fabrics to preserve wildlife killed during conventional cotton farming. Farmer-owned has my favorite fabric for this pattern in their organic cotton knits section - organic cotton sherpa!) has 100% organic cotton batting (2" uncompressed for stuffing).  Once image has been printed, simply pin paper onto two fabric pieces (right sides together with paper on top) and sew along the outline, leaving an opening in the underside of a leg of about 2".  Then remove paper and  clip inside corners and around pattern to within about 1/2" of stitching before inverting fabric through hole in leg.  Stuff and form by hand, and then hand-sew remaining opening.  Use a couple stitches to hold ears down to head if desired. You can also sew eyes on if desired, or embroider the eyes on before sewing.