Fabric Shaver for Wool Soakers/Pants

This isn't intended to be an ad for fabric shavers (this one was about $12 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond),
but it may end up looking like an ad!  I haven't tried other fabric shavers, so I bet others of similar size would work too.

You can click on the photos below for larger images.

This organic merino soaker looks pretty hopeless, doesn't it?
After a few minutes with the fabric shaver, not hopeless anymore!
These were our favorite pants last winter, and as you can see, months of heavy wear left these organic merino pants looking like they needed to go straight into the trash (Becky's even pointing at the fuz!)
After shaving (with fuz from the shaver shown on top):
Click on the images for larger pictures:

Left half shaved first to show the difference:
Wool Pants "Nature Wool" after 40hrs wear:
Same pants after a minute or two with the fabric shaver:
Organic Full Belly Farm pants after 40hrs wear:
Same pants after a couple minutes with the fabric shaver:
So.... go out and buy a fabric shaver today!
Now I just need to hand-wash all my soakers/pants.  I only do this once every couple of months, so wool is pretty easy to care for.
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