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Born:  February 1, 1994
Breed:  Cocker Spaniel
Sex:  Female
Hobbies: Playing in water, chasing ducks,
                going for walks, and catching mice
                with our cats
Favorite foods:  cheese, bananas
Tricks:    Catches ball in her mouth,
                "heels" when taking walks,
                and knows how to "stay"


This is our new cocker spaniel puppy Pokey. Isn't she
adorable?  Click here for more pictures.
Born:  July 2000
Breed:  Cocker Spaniel
Sex:  Female
Hobbies: Chewing on books, holding her stuffed dog toys, and also sitting on my lap with her tongue hanging out, looking cuter than imaginable.
Favorite foods:  spaghetti, cheese, books
Tricks:    Walks on my left side during walks (Sandy's on the right), sliding across the kitchen floor after her daddy throws her toy (she often slides so far she bangs into the cabinet at the end of the kitchen)
Here she is trying to grab one of her new organic cotton dog toys (stuffed frog toy) I made:

See pictures of Sandy and Pokey's playmates (our kittens)
Here is Tex with the new organic cotton pet bed I made for him.
Tex enjoying his organic cotton pet bed

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Link to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin
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Charcoals by Chet: very cute cocker spaniel print

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