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Upcoming Triathlon and Running Races in Texas:
News 8K Run/Walk Austin, TX June 4, 2005
Houston Heights 20th Annual 5K Fun Run, Walk & Kids K Houston, TX June 4, 2005
Impact A Hero 5K Run and Walk Sugar Land, TX June 4, 2005
The Loop 30K & 10K Austin, TX June 5, 2005
Dad's Day 5k walk/run (6th annual) Houston, TX June 18, 2005
Danskin Women's Triathlon Series - Austin Austin, TX June 12, 2005
Buffalo Springs Sprint TriRaider Lubbock June 26, 2005
Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon Lubbock June 26, 2005
Burnet TRI-Hard Challenge Triathlon Burnet, TX September 18, 2005
Motive Bison Stampede Half Marathon
100% of all proceeds go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Austin, TX November 20, 2005
Dallas White Rock Marathon Dallas (Good course support, course officially open 7.5 hours) December 11, 2005
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Austin Triathletes
Austin's Triathlon Source
Austin Runner's Club and Calendar
Texas Racewalking
Marathon Walking
Texas Marathon Calendar
Runner Triathlete News This (my favorite) site includes a TV Guide, Racing Calendar, Race Results, Training Tips
Lone Star Aquatics Club
Dan Becker's Triathlon Site (Austin, TX)
Triathlete Online This site has useful information and a list of races (select sport and state at top of page)
Texan Triathalator - list of races
Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon Home Page
A few Buffalo Springs Lake Triathlon photos
Texas Senior Games Association (age 50 and older participants)
Bayou City Road Runners - extensive running site for people in Houston
Houston Racing Triathlon Club
Dallas Tri-Geeks
Dallas/Fort Worth Road Racing Calendar
Adventure Team Outdoor Sports (Austin, Dallas, Houston)
Team Alamo San Antonio club open to people of all ages and abilities
Cool Running
UltraRunning Page includes calendar for North America events

Trails in Texas
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Triathlon Books at Amazon.com (more reviews available at Amazon.com):

Book Description
This intensive guide covers the specialized training needs of triatheletes, who must stretch, strengthen, and tone the muscles used in three different sports. It includes the latest research on nutrition; covers racing, rest, and recovery; and outlines the best techniques for increasing endurance without overtraining. Appendices include training-plan worksheets and suggested workouts.
The Total Triathlon
Almanac 4

USA Today, 1995 
The format allows both elite and beginners to chart their progress and set goals while also reaping the latest advances in physiology and motivation. 

Book Description
The fourth edition in the triathlon almanac series, this is the definite blueprint for multisport fitness. Building on the three earlier standard-setting editions, this comprehensive logbook and training manual, is a flexible yearlong training companion. It saves time for the experienced athlete and is a foundation for establishing training programs which conforms to current advances in exercise physiology, training and racing. Contributors include Mark Allen, Lori Bowden, Ken Glah, Thomas Hellriegel and Paula Newby-Fraser. 

Endurance Athlete's Edge


Great Training Guide 
(Amazon.com review by a reader  March 12, 1998) 
I've started reading this. It is very, very technical and hard work but the information is great. I'm sure it will be worth it once I make my way through all the charts and calculations. It has all the information that anyone could ever want on training for the swim, cycling and running events. 
Mark Allen's Total Triathlete A source of real mental energy for any endurance athletes 
(Review by Steve Nicholls from New Zealand, September 15, 1998) 
Since the date this book was written Mark Allen has progessed as an athlete to reach even greater glory and to conquer the Hawaiin Ironman, winning the race more than any other man in the 90's. In a sport where any of the top ten competitors are physically capable of winning on the day, I have no doubt that the mental strategies contained in this book have been the distinguishing characteristics between Mark and other athletes. The book deals with a brief description of Marks history in the sport, mainly with his 1987 season and the successes and dissapointments of that year culminating in the Hawaiin Ironman. Unlike the plethora of training material available today, this book deals with how the author motivates himself, focuses, faces his fears, and controls his mental energy in all aspects of his life particularly in triathlon. 

If you are serious about getting 100% out of your body and enjoying training and racing in any endurance sport, read this book. 

Dave Scott's
Triathlon Training

Biophysiology, regimented training, nutrition 
(Amazon.com review by Dan Moriarty from Boston, Mass, October 14, 1999)
Dave Scott's interests and college background in biophysiology shows. The book objectively describes the biomechanics of endurance racing and how to train the energy systems for maximum performance. Included is a section on sports nutrition. There is enough material to keep a modern successful triathlete busy reading and referencing. A few items are dated (incorrect). Some sections are overly detailed. Overall it is a self contained guide to success in triathlons. 
Time-Saving Training

Good training advice! Technical info you can understand. 
(Review by a Female Triathlete from Colorado Springs, February 11, 1998)
This is the training book I've been waiting for. Niles is very good at explaning the physiology and mechanics of multisport training without going overboard on technical jargon. As a recreational triathlete, I devoured this book in two days and can't wait to put some of it into practice. His sample workouts seem too aggressive for beginners or older athletes, but they do demonstrate how to balance training time and level of intensity to optimize performance gains. The book helps me understand what I did wrong during my last racing season and where I can focus for improvement. 
 The Essential Triathlete

Great information source for First Timers! 
(Review by a reader from California, USA, February 25, 1999) 
I would say that this book can truly motivate those to get started on their first Triatholon with realistic goals in mind. The author gives realistic goals for those who are about to embark on a unfamilur journey into Triatholoning! Everywhere from Training to Technique to stoping for a Hamburger in the middle of a Triatholon. The author is so easy to relate to, and very entertaining! Can't wait to start my first Triatholon! 
Triathlon 101

An experienced competitor offers a complete primer for triathlon training, with specific programs for each event, race training and tactics, race transitions, equipment/technology, injury prevention, and nutrition. 16 illustrations. 65 photos.

Great overview with great references
(Review by a reader from Milwaukee,WI, June 30, 1999)
I've just completed my first sprint tri. This book has great practical advice for novice triathaletes. Also, the author has great resources, such as other books, web sites, magazines to help with all the questions you'll have.