Geode Space

Geode Space:  The Storm (page5) 

    With the flashlight shining on the rocks below, the girls gasped loudly in unison as the sparkling purple crystals gleamed back up at them from beneath the rocks on the cave floor.  Without even bothering to speak to each other, they immediately began trying to pry up some of the rocks that were covering the crystal filled cavern below.  They were able to move one of the medium sized rocks when they all pulled on it together.  None of the other rocks would budge, but they could see more of the hidden cavern now.

    "It looks like a tunnel goes back that way," Shana said, pointing toward the far side of the cavern below.

    The walls of the cavern and tunnel were all covered with the mysteriously beautiful purple crystals.  The water from the storm had made the crystals wet, and they sparkled like nothing any of the girls had ever seen before.

    After moving some of the rocks at the opening to the hidden cavern, the opening was still too small to fit through.  Jenny thought, (trying to control her excitement), I guess it would be too dangerous to climb down there right now anyway, even if I could fit through.  She knew she could squeeze through just about any opening, but it would set a bad example for the younger girls if she did that right now.

    It was starting to get dark outside now, and even though none of the girls wanted to leave the cave and their exciting discovery, they knew they'd get in big trouble if they weren't home before dark.  The storm had passed, so Jenny and Shana helped push the younger girls up through the cave opening.  On their way out, Shana whispered to Jenny, "Let's try to knock off a piece of the crystal to take home with us, okay?"  They found a rock and chipped off a piece of crystal near the cavern opening.  Jenny quickly shoved it into her backpack and they climbed up hurriedly to meet the other girls.  They hurried home as quickly as possible, but it was really uncomfortable trying to run in their sopping wet jeans, so they walked part of the way.  As Jenny and Kaytee dropped off Shana and Kerry at their house,  Shana said, "Let's go back to the cave tomorrow with some tools and more flashlights to see if we can make the opening in the cave bigger."  Jenny said, "Okay - bring hammers or whatever you can borrow from your dad."

    None of the girls got much sleep that night.  There were so many questions yet to be answered.  Was the cavern hidden by someone on purpose?  Had someone been there before them and used it for something?  Jenny wondered... Could it be some sort of ancient time travel machine???  I'm certainly getting a little too carried away now, she thought to herself,

.....but you never know.....
L is for Lamb
-End of Chapter 1-

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